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Automatic Edge Bending Machine HCM 360J


Using of automatic Edge bending Machine HCM, allows to achieve high quality facing of workpiece edges, made of such materials as playwood, MDF, particleboard), Function: Edge bending machines HCM are wildly used in manufacturing of cabinet furniture (office furniture, kitchen sets, sliding door wardrobes, furniture for living rooms and hallways, doors, and also exclusive furniture manufactured for individual orders).



The bed at the factory passed through a full cycle of heat treatment. This ensures a stable rigidness and vibration resistance of the entire machine construction. All working units are installed on the bed, in preprepared holes, processed and milled on high-precision CNC machines.


Easy-to-use TOUCH control panel of the machine is located in the working area of the operator on the extension stand. The control panel starts / stops all machine working units and also adjusts the feed rate. Error diagnostics shows on the screen. Particular attention should be paid to the temperature control panel. It has 2 operating modes: working temperature and standby mode. These modes are switched by one touch of button. It is convenient to use when the machine stops for a short time during breaks.


It is used for preliminary premilling workpiece ends before gluing the edge. Eliminates chips after cutting and the step from the scoring saw, aligns the geometry of the part (the first motor works in the feeding direction, the second motor works in reverse direction – to exclude splits), the maximum allowance for processing is 2 mm. The junction unit consists of two high-frequency motors of 12,000 rpm, 2.2 kW.


The gluing unit has the function of fine adjustment which allows to apply the glue for any type of edge material that will ensure its high gluing to the part. The heating system is provided by finger type elements, which are located along the whole perimeter of the glue unit, including in its upper part, which prevents the congelation of glue in the upper part, and provides the excesses to flow back to the glue pot. Construction of this unit significantly reduces defects during production. It has a curtain, which serves as protection from dust, which opens the glue shaft only at the moment of passing the workpiece


Teflon coated glue pot is installed on these machines, what significantly reduces time for servicing and cleaning the machine.


The machines of this series are equipped with a guillotine unit of the preliminary edge-cutting, which allows to make a high-quality preliminary trimming of materials with a thickness of 0.4 to 3mm. The trimming is carried out by a powerful pneumatic cylinder, which has a separate adjustment function


The press group of machines of this series consists of 4 pressure rollers: – the 1st driven roller has enlarged diameter, which makes the basic pressing of the edge to the workpiece; – 2,3,4 – non-driven rollers located at different angles, which carry out finishing successive pressing of the edge and remove excess glue. The force is set evenly by means of pneumatic cylinders with a separate adjustment of the clamping force, which allows you quickly and accurately adjust the machine, depending on the type of used material.


The high-frequency motors of the trimmer unit of the Italian company ELTE, linear guide for moving motors ensure high-quality and long-term work of the machine. The entire unit is located on the integral solid plate, which ensures no vibrations and as a result stable storage of settings and dimensions. Special protective casings at the top ensure the quality removal of cuttings, and allows you to keep the machine clean.


The milling unit consists of two industrial high frequency motors. Round copiers of large diameter: – Perform a smooth approach to the part. – Exclude damage to any faced surface. Ensure accurate copying of the workpiece surface.


Scraping unit is equipped with round copiers for precise edge processing and aspiration system. Copiers are at the minimum distance from the edge of the part. Copies do not leave traces on glossy surfaces. In the cutting zone of the scraper, the liquid is fed from a special glass. The liquid supply provides the following: – Cooling and lubrication of the tool, providing soft cutting modes. – The edge does not heat up and does not change the color. It is better to clean the dirt with polishing wheels.


Polishing is necessary for final machining of edges. This operation provides following: – Gloss of the treated surface, cleans from dirt. – Restores the color after scraping unit. – Forms the micro radius at the thin edge (blunts the sharp edge).


                                                  HCM 360 J
Edge width, mm 0,4-3
Edge height, mm 10-55
Panel thickness, mm 8-50
Min workpiece length, mm 100
Feed speed, m/min 0-23
Motor power of premilling unit, kW 2х2,2
Motor speed  of premilling unit, rpm 12 000
Motor power of trimming  unit, kW 2х0,35
Motor speed  of trimming unit, rpm 12 000
Motor power of trimming unit, kW 2х0,55
Motor power of polishing unit, kW 2х0,18
Pneumatic pressure, mPa 0,7
Machine dimensions, mm 5000×760×1600
Net weight 1500