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HCM Classic


Panel saw machines Classic are designed for longitudinal and cross cutting of plate materials (chipboard, MDF, plywood, furniture board, etc.), including laminated materials. Thank to the absence of blade tilt, Classic models are available for the majority of furniture manufacturers. The machines are ideal for use in small and medium-sized enterprises for the production of cabinet furniture (office furniture, kitchen sets, wardrobes, furniture for living rooms and hallways, and exclusive furniture manufactured according to individual orders).


  • Highest reliability and durability;
  • Electronic indication of the pitch angle;
  • The saw roller carriage is moved by two high-precision, hardened guides;
  • Smoothness and lightness of carriage stroke;
  • The huge weight of the machine guarantees a stable working process;


  • BED Powerful and reliable construction of the bed, made of thick sheet metal, in combination with a rigid frame from a closed square profile. Reliably dampens vibrations and ensures full stability during operation.
  • ROLLER CARRIAGE Steel cylindrical guides provide the highest precision of sawing, smoothness and ease of movement, and also even basic cut. The carriage is made of anodized aluminum.
  • Main telescopic ruler Particular attention should be paid to the telescopic ruler. This is one of the main points when choosing a panel saw machine. On HCM machines, the ruler is made of a quality polyhedral profile, the telescopic scale is hidden inside the profile, and the flag stops have a rigid fixation. All this allows the machine to maintain precisely defined dimensions during operation and reconfigurations.
  • Classic machines are equipped with protective caver, installed on a wedge knife. And as for convenience of work they are equipped with a metal tube, for tapping aspiration, which does not interfere with the operator when cutting.
  • Extension tables are supplied with the machines. The side dimension is 640x500mm and the front dimension is 840x600. They are the reference when cutting parts, prevent their fall, and facilitate the operator’s work.


Carriage length, mm 3200
Carriage width, mm 400
Carriage type roller
Diameter of main blade/seating, mm 300/30
Diameter of scoring saw/seating, mm 120/20
Motor power of main blade/ scoring  blade, kW 4.0/0.75
Rotation frequency of main blade, rpm 4700/4200
Rotation frequency of scoring blade, rpm 8000
Dimensions of main table, mm 1400x840
Right auxiliary table, mm 620x500
Front auxiliary table, mm 900x600
Dimensions, mm 3400х3300х1050
Weight. Kg ~8750