Five-operation machineries

Five-operation machineries made in ZMM-Yakoruda PLC are constructed on the principle of aggregates and contain main aggregates as follows:
  • planers
  • thicknessing machine
  • drills
  • mills
  • circular saws
  • sanders

basic operations in woodworking

Машините изпълняват всички основни операции при обработка на дървесина, а именно:
  • edges planing of prismatic details
  • edgesplaningatdifferentanglesfrom0 to90 degrees
  • opposite edges planing giving particular thickness and parallelism of opposite sides with high
  • precision
  • longitudinal cuts
  • cross-section cuts at different angles /0-45 degrees/
  • longitudinal milling of different forms
  • cross-section milling of different forms
  • drilling
  • canalling
  • planer blades sharpening /optional/

Machineries are equipped

Machineries are equipped witht hree induction motors to drive aggregates. Standard machines are three-phase d220/380 V, 50 H, 2800 cycles/min.


At client’s request, machineries are offered with various tensions, powers, frequencies and cycles, incl. continuously variable cycle regulation /optional/.

independently controlled

Every aggregate is independently controlled. Technical safety requirements prevent simultaneous work of two aggregates!


Electric installation renders easy and handy aggregate starting and stopping /incl. in case of emergencies/, overburdening protection of motors and dust precaution /IP-54/. Machines’ bodies are sealed with tinned plate elements with all main aggregates and drives functionally and solidly built over. Bearings are cast-ironed bodies with radial-axial capsule-like ball bearings of high quality rendering precession of work and easy servicing. All working tables are made of heat-treated iron castings to escape deformations caused by internal metal tensions, precisely sanded and guaranteeing high working precision. Working axle journals are offered with standard sizes or sizes at client’s request for installation of cutting instruments – disk saws, milling heads, chucks. All aggregates have apposite rulers mounted for efficient leading of processed details and protection according to EU technical safety requirements. Chip and dust extraction is achieved through machineries being connected to local dust arresters /optional/. Standard machineries are equipped with planer blades, disk saws and three-jawed chuck for drills with cylindrical tails. At client’s request machineries are equipped with tungsten-carbide circular saws, milling heads including set of removable profile cutters, collet chucks and other types of chucks, sharpening devices for planer blades, milling tools for longitudinal and cross-section cuts /fast-cutting and tungsten-carbide ones/. Drills of various types and sizes /optional/. Aggregates are driven by trapezoidal straps, gear, chain and friction gears with conventional elements guaranteeing reliable work and easy replacement.


All machineries are certified in accordance with the requirements of the European legislation!

Guarantee period

Guarantee period of machineries is 12 months and the producer provides spare parts after it as well!


Machineries might be equipped with wheels for fast movement /optional/. When forwarded, machineries are preserved against corrosion, supplied with passports and exploitation guidance, CE quality certificates. In view with the carriage vehicle, they are packed in wooden crates and PE bags that guarantee corrosion resistance and prevention of mechanical damages during long-distance transportation and damages caused by exposure on weather conditions.

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